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Wearing their Tabaski best

Sahabi and Yanoussa were constant fixtures at my home in Niger. So naturally they came to visit me on the biggest holiday of the year — Tabaski. This is the day that Muslims celebrate Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son, and God providing a ram for sacrifice instead. (Only Muslims believe the son was Ishmael, whereas Christians believe it was Isaac).

Much like Christmas is now more about presents and decorated trees, Tabaski is more about dressing up in your very best clothes and visiting your neighbors in hopes of scoring candy, dates, or maybe a coin. Yes, sheep are slaughtered and skewered whole in front of open fires lining nearly every street. And people very much savor one of the few opportunities they have to eat meat. But the holiday is more social and festive than spiritual, at least from what I observed.

And for Sahabi and Yanoussa, their complete joy came in a pair of new, cheap sunglasses.


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