Ga Duniya

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Fireworks on the Alps

I don’t have a photo to remember it by, but I can never forget the beauty of New Year’s Eve in Innsbruck, Austria.

The locals had told me that many visitors feel claustrophobic in Innsbruck, as the mountains surround the city so intimately that you can see the former Olympic ski jumps in plain sight from the city center. As midnight approached on New Year’s Eve, the landscape was dark enough to hide any trace of the Alps as I huddled in with the crowd that had gathered to welcome 2002.

And then the fireworks began. They felt closer than any I had seen back home. With every blast of color, a jagged mountain would light up in reflection and then disappear as quickly. It was as if I were wearing a blindfold that would be lifted for one second to glimpse the breathtaking Alps, and then hide the few before I could take it all in. FLASH — A red peak. BOOM — A green mountain. CRASH — Golden glaciers. You’d think it was a black night sky and then POW — Blue shining slopes.

I could have watched the show for hours.


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