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A Weekend Away in Yachats

A quick review, in the interest of keeping this blog alive!

A few weeks ago, my family took a little weekend trip over to Yachats, on the Oregon coast. This was our new baby’s first trip to the beach, and we chose Yachats because it’s close by Florence where Reuben’s grandparents live.

Realizing that two adults and two little kids is a lot to ask anyone to take in, we opted to rent a house instead. Other family members had rented rooms at the Silver Surf Motel, and we learned that they also had cabins to rent so it worked out perfectly.

All of the hotel rooms have an amazing view of the ocean, as well as a pretty substantial kitchen. That alone makes the hotel a great bargain. In addition, there is a pool and hot tub, and free DVDs to check out from the front desk.

The staff were really accommodating. We’d arrived a bit before check-in time, so we had to wait about 30 minutes for our room. When they brought us the keys, they also brought along a bottle of sparkling cider, to apologize for the wait.

The cabins are old, but very well-maintained. They lack an ocean view, unfortunately, but they do have a full kitchen, with cooking utensils, and two bedrooms. Our biggest disappointment was being situated right by the highway, although there wasn’t much traffic on the coastal road once night fell.

Overall, I was happy with our stay at Silver Surf. We were able to have a private space for our family to enjoy time together, while being right next to the beach. Our daughter loved playing in the swimming pool, and we enjoyed having enough room to watch movies at night while the kids were asleep in their rooms.



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