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In the Field in Guatemala

First Visit: San Raymundo


a loving mother learning to feed and care for her previously malnourished daughter



moms and babies listening to songs at the Children’s Integrated Development Center



ambitious and determined young girls


Second Visit: Ixim Achi


DSC_0374-001couldn’t get enough of this cutie


DSC_0347the path we walked in Ixim Achi

DSC_0288and an old woman combing her hair



Portraits of Kenya

I’m waiting in the Amsterdam airport to board my flight back to Portland. The past two weeks in Kenya were intense, exhausting, exhilarating, and rewarding. I have many stories to share once I have energy (and stable internet access!) to write them.

I am eager to see my family again. I am thankful to have so many comforts to return to. But every time I leave Africa, I feel I am leaving a piece of home behind. Despite the harshness of living, it’s the people who draw me in.

Since I’m too tired to write anymore now, I just wanted to add a few photos of the faces I’ll remember from my unforgettable time in Kenya.

Child with empty bowl

Sabina’s baby

A woman I had theĀ privilegeĀ of interviewing

The beautiful Turkana

Stories of desperate need

And stories of hope



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