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When Vacation Meant Relaxing

The hubs, the baby, and I are out of town for a long weekend, which (if I get any decent pictures) I’ll blog about next week. We arrived last night, and the baby went to sleep fairly easily, giving us some free time to play games, have some drinks, and enjoy the hot tub. We didn’t get to bed until 2:30am, and the baby started crying (uncharacteristically) at 3am. We’re sharing a house with several of our friends, so we couldn’t let her cry it out. Thus began 4 hours of me either walking around with my child, or trying to lay her next to me while she crawled over my head towards the edge of the bed.

I’m exhausted.

So, this post is dedicated to the times when vacation meant relaxing. When we could stay up until 2:30am and then sleep in as late as we wanted, only to be greeted by tropical waters upon rolling out of bed. The highest standard of vacation bliss that we’ve known so far was Roatan, Honduras. As much as I love my daughter and cherish every moment with her, I am so grateful that I’ve known what true vacation feels like. And I have hope that I’ll know it again someday.


Sunset on our First Day of Marriage

Part of the reason to get married in February, we always say, is that your anniversary will forever be a good excuse to take a tropical vacation away from the dreariness of the Northwest. And even though our wedding day just happened to turn out to be sunny and rain-free, we were still more than ready to head to Mexico.

Our reception lasted until midnight, and our flight to Zihuatanejo left at 7am. Needless to say, we were rather fatigued the next day. So we crashed as soon as we made it to Las Brisas del Mar hotel.

Hunger eventually beckoned us out of our room, and we opted to lay low that first night and dine at the beachfront hotel restaurant. We were definitely hungry, but hadn’t quite realized that the Surf-and-Turf was meant to serve two, so ordering that in addition to a separate entree and drinks and appetizers was probably a bit much.

So we lingered there a while. And who would have wanted to leave anyway, with a view like this.

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